Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Customs.. Bandhan :P

Will start this off with a story :)
Long time ago there was a wedding going on in a village.
There was a cat which was runnning all around the mandap and causing havoc.
So the dulha decided to catch the cat and tie to a pole with a duppata.
Now people saw that and thought it was some kind of tradition.
So every wedding in that village had the dulha catch a cat and tie it to a pole with a duppata.
And that tradition is still followed.

A question lingers in my mind.. since time immeorial..
How was life in the past? not just the recent past, but before the time i was born.
Every era is a different experience.
I am not sure if I would have been the same man that i am right now.
You cannot blame a person for having prejudices of caste, gender and society then can you.
It was somthing thrust upon each and every living being back then. You were taught as a child that these are the things that our forefathers did and we follow them blindly.
Untouchability, Sati and other such shameless acts of disparity were never even thought of as evil. very much accepted as part of day today life.
In fact we were ruled by foreigners for 200 long years due to this very ignorance. (apart from a lot of other reasons)
The very thought that a lot of our customs were cruel and inhuman was brought to light by these outsiders.
So i guess i have to thank the visitors who were driven out of our country (and rightly so) a wee bit for opening up the path we were following and givin us a world to explore.

Monday, November 20, 2006

Wanted: God

I recently went to visit a temple after a long long time. I used to go there everyday about a coupla years bak.
Me and Naveen a very close friend of mine. Not just to pray but also to look at the gud lookin mallu girls who used to come there frequently :) yea God wasnt reason enuf for me to visit the place. In fact i never even thot why i go to temples. u see i am not an aethist. but i am also not the kind of guy who wil blame all things good or bad on God. Then why do we believe in God?? Do we really need to acknowledge the presence of the almighty??
I certainly feel the need to do so. I simply cant accept that the universe is just a mix of Physics and Chemical reactions. That our existence is just a scientific incident taught in some chapter in high school science books. Accepted there is beauty in knowing that as well.
I want to believe that there exists an Almighty who is actually responsible for all of this. This way things seem so much better.
Also this is something which can teach people humility. That we are so minute in the larger being that is the universe.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Loving Someone to Death

This is just something i read in the paper the other day. I seriously dont know how you might think of such a story. Foolishness, Crazy, !!@#$, etc. But, I must say i was touched.. really touched. This seems to be something that is lost on the world.
It started as a note to my wife. And then i thought that since some of you might have husbands or wives and might feel the same way. I'd pass it along. I don't own this story anyway. Charles Boyer does.
Remember Charles Boyer? Suave, dapper, handsome, graceful. Lover of the most famous and beautiful ladies of the silver screen. That was on camera and in the fan magazines.In real life, it was different.
There was only one woman. For 44 years. His wife, Patricia. Friends said it was a lifelong love affair. Soulmates. They were no less lovers and friends and companions after 44 yers than aft
er the first year.
Then Patricia developed cancer of the liver. And though the doctors told Charles, he could not bear to tell her. An
d so he sat by her bedside to provide hope and cheer. Day and night for six months. He could not change the inevitable. Nobody could. And Patricia died in his arms. Two days later, Charles Boyer was also dead. By his own hand. He said he did not want to live without her.
He said, "Her love was life to me."
This was no movie. As I said, it's the real story --- Charles Boyer's story.

It is not for me to pass judgement on how he han
dled his grief. But it is for me to say that i am touched and comforted in a strange way. Touched by the depth of love behind the apparent sham of Hollywood love life. Comforted to know that a man and woman can love each other that much that long.
I don't know how I would handle my grief in similar circumstances. I pray I shall never have to stand in his shoes. But there are moment
s when i look across the room --- amid the daily ordinariness of life --- and see the person I call my wife and friend and companion. And i understand why Charles Boyer did what he did. It really is possible to love someone that much, I know. I'm certain of it.

--- Excerpted from All I really Need to Know I Learnt in Kindergarten published by Ballantine Books, New York

Monday, November 06, 2006

Aaaarrrrgghhh!!!!! How do i do this??
Hmm.. after struggling with the dashboard and settings page of blogger i still m not able to figure out how to make all my posts appear in one page.. I give up!!!
i knew how to handle stuff like this like the back of my hand when i was a kid not too long ago..
nowadays i gotta read the manual to actually understand how to my new digicam works..
the same guy who put together his first video game machine when he was only 10 yrs old is now struggling to learn how his oven works..
is it just me whos not able to keep pace with technology or we live in a world which is just too overwhelming..
lets c .. if anybody out there knows how to make all the posts appear in one page just help me out
"Deja Vu"

Hey Whats this..!!! Do i see myself writing a blog..! Fuk i knew this was gonna happen!
Have u ever felt that the life you are living is just a pre-recorded movie that somebody in the heavens just plays. What if u get top see YOUR movie before it is actually played? You may not remember the whole movie but, you will have those bits and pieces of it coming back to you. Which pieces and when is beyond ur control. When u do get a flash in ur mind and u hear urself sayin "Fuck Dude! I knew this was gonnna happen. I swear!!" what you have just experienced right now my friend is a sense of 'Deja vu'.
You go about your usual routine life. you wake up, get ready, take the bus, go to work, back

home in the evening. when all of a sudden you look, hear n feel around you? You can predict the entire conversation that ur friend is carrying out with you. you can predict what hes gonna say and how you are going to react. But how is this possible?At that moment you aretoo perplexed, petrified even to say anything. After you regain composure and you tell ur friend what you felt only for him to snap back at you with a "Yea RITE!! Better start those medications again Punk!!"
I have never been able to explain these phenomenon that keeps happening to me. But when I do find people who have experienced the same things as this a part of me breaks knowing that i I m not the unique person who experiences this.

Hey!!! Havent u read this blog Before. I knew you were gonna read it.. and then welcome the comment that you are about to write.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Hmmm.... I Resolve??

m posting after a long long time inspite of making a resolution that m gonna write to my self everyday..!!
I dunno why i make such resolutions.. i know i am too lazy to keep up with them..
probably i should make a resolution not to make one.. :)
But why are resolutions so hard to keep?
When something becomes a habit you do it everyday? but when u resolve to make something a habit. u just can stick to it?
I guess you usually think of doin something when that is something you dont like doing..
but nowadays i find myself having to make a resolve to read a book, visit my friends, play something, watch a movie.. things which i really like to do.
I get rather annoyed that m unable to do all these things nowadays.

Monday, September 04, 2006

What is the Purpose of Life???
When does life begin and when does it end?
i started looking for the answers to these questions when i lost someone really close to me. We mourn for a week, a year.. but then life moves on.
but what about the one who left? where does he go?
Does heaven exist? Given the choice would i go there or wud i cum back to this world which i love so much? there are so many things which i have to see and do.
would love to visit the jungles of Africa and South America. Want to see a Tiger Face to face. Visit Rome and watch Milan play football. Walk on an untouched beach. See the great coral reef in Australia. Enjoy the kebabs of Afghanistan. Fly a Kite.
Dunno how many of them will be possible in a few years time.
But i would leave heaven if i get a chance to do these thing. My Heaven would be rite here with nature and my loved ones.
When do we say life ends?
When the brain stops functioning? The heart stops beating?
I believe Life ends when u dont have anything beautiful in ur life.
Nothing that u have to appreciate, to be thankful for when u wake up in the morning.
So guess i have to start looking for my life. Have to find it, make it mine.

Gawd.. y cant they make a google for this !!!