Thursday, February 28, 2008

Lets build some Character :)

Calvin and Hobbes - My favourite comic strip, my getaway to a land of kraziness..

Calvin's Dad: Honey, have you seen my glasses?
Calvin's Mom: No, I haven't.
[Calvin walks in wearing the glasses.]
Calvin: Calvin, do something you hate! Being miserable builds character!
[Calvin's Mom cracks up]
Calvin's Dad: Okay, I admit the voice was a little funny, but we're raising a sarcastic kid here.
Funny as it may sound.. isnt it the truth.
All of my life, the things that people said will make me a better person were stuff i used to hate.
I dont remember much of it but why is it that stuff we usually hate is the one we are supposed to do. Who decides these things??
How can these grownups say that this is good for us? I am sure they would have cursed society for making them do all this stuff when they were kids but they grow up and make their kids do the same things.
I wish that i have a kid like calvin.. i know girls readin this are gona stay away from me on readin this but life would be such a joy havin a firecracker at home. My very own nuclear fusion reactor which never runs out of energy.