Sunday, January 18, 2009

Just another trip round the sun

Just another trip round the sun. Isn’t that what a new year means? That we as humans have managed to get along for another 365 days without annihilating ourselves. Why is such a ruckus created about it? As is the trend to make lists around this time, I'll make one of my own :)

· It’s the time to look at the best you have made of the little chances that life sent your way.

· It’s the time to check the number of times you have fallen on your journey and more importantly how many times you managed to shake off the dust and carry on.

· It’s the time to look at all the little things that made you smile. The ones that made the single beam of sunshine peek out on a gloomy day.

· It’s the time to list the things that made you hop, skip and jump with joy when nobody was looking.

It’s the time to list all the things that you believed would be done by the end of this year, but now you have to give them a shot this year.

There’s my list. I know it gives nothing away :)

But this is my eternal year end list. So cya list same time next year :)

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Thursday, January 08, 2009

The Butterfly Effect

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On my way back from office I always take the shuttle that takes me to the station. The shuttle takes about 10 mins to reach my destination. I don’t know why, but for some reason the little siesta that I take on that 10 min ride is one of the most satisfying ones. I fall asleep when the bus starts and wake up exactly when I reach the station. All was well and I used to look forward to my trip back home for more than one reason now :)

Yesterday however turned out to be different. Have you people heard about the butterfly effect? Well, I think some butterfly might have fluttered its tiny wings yesterday :)

Yesterday I boarded the usual bus and got a seat around the center of the bus. I played some music on my cell and was already starting to feel the effects of the impending nap. The bus started and it was just another normal day. However, I had absolutely no idea that things won’t be the same again.

For some unknown reason there was a police check on the road that we always take. This made my 10 minute journey into a 15 minute journey. Not bad you would think.

When I opened my eyes on reaching the destination it seemed like any normal day… except one thing.

The girl in the front row stood up and was asking the girl sitting in front of me “What was that all about?” The girl in front of me without an iota of subtlety pointed towards me and signed that I was “knocked out cold” and the girls started giggling. That’s when I realized what had happened.

You see the 5 minute delay turned my siesta into a full blown slumber. I am the kind of person who can fall asleep in 2 minutes flat. And I recently found out that I snore in my sleep.

Aaarggghh… I dunno how loud I was but, it certainly was loud enough for the front of the bus to hear it. I just smiled at the still giggling girls and was on my way. Wait a minute. Shouldn’t I be embarrassed? Shouldn’t I be thinking about what will happen if these girls spread this news around (which I am sure they will)? But I am not. Why?

Because I believe I am blessed to be able to sleep this way. I am one of the lucky ones who do not have to work too hard to have a good sleep. You can buy lots of expensive clothes, gadgets, etc. But, you really cannot buy sleep.

So I really don’t mind what happens next. I am just eager to find out :)