Sunday, October 12, 2008

Summer Crop

Naa.. this aint about the season summer or has anything to do with agriculture.

My early years were spent with my hair never even reaching half the length of my forehead. Agreed my forehead leaves a lot of ground to cover nowadays, but it used to be quite little back in school.

We had this rule in our school where boys were not supposed to have long hair. There was no definition of that “long”. The principal used to come and grab the hair and if it used to come over the fingers it was long. The punishment was she would tie the guy’s hair with a rubber band if it was way too long. There were also threats issued that she would get scissors and cut the hair herself, but I guess she never trusted her hair styling skills.

Now the way my folks used to deal with this was the magic words that they gave me. These magic words had to be uttered without blinking, no second thoughts given, no options no lifelines. These magic words were “Summer Crop”. They had to be uttered whenever I went to the salon for a haircut.

“Amma what should I say at the salon?”


“That’s it. What does it look like? “

“You don’t have to worry about it. He’ll know what to do.”

I used to go to the salon and say those words and the bhaiyya would give me a cheerful paan stained smile. He then proceeded to cut my hair so small you could see my scalp if you looked carefully.

Now these magic words served a dual purpose. Apart from saving my hair from the principals styling skills, it also made sure that I won’t have to cut my hair for the next 2 months. Yea, a penny saved is a penny earned holds true very much.

Gawd this thing became so popular that the salon guy started calling me summer crop.

But this was a thing of the past. School had to get over sometime and I now have full control of my hair. This hasn’t stopped my mom giving me a weird look and asking me “Are you sure you cut your hair? Or did you just pay the salon guy and forgot to get the haircut?”

Anyways, I am gonna party with my hair for now. Kisse pata kal ho na ho :)