Monday, August 03, 2009

Russian Tryst

It's been ages since I posted. Not too surprising for the lazy procrastinating part of my personality :)
Anyways.. that part had kinda taken over my life for a coupla weeks now. Here i am in a new country of which i havent even heard stories from other IT junta.
The problem being I dont know the language here and ppl dont understand what i am trying to say even in India. So I preferred sittin on my bum all weekends watching reruns of reruns of Scrubs (Dont even ask me how many times i have seen them). Also enduring hours of taunts from my friends back in India for being this way (I am quite thickskinned when it comes to insults).
Finally when the chance came this weekend when i was offered an extra seat on a trip to a Beach with some friends, I grabbed it with both hands. And I definitely would have regretted not going. It was an experience i might not get again in my life. Details and pictures of the experience in my next post (Don't hold your breath... I have told u guys how I am in the post).
Anyways moral of the story.
When in Russia do as the Russians and take risks.. In the end you will not regret them :)

The pic attached is picked up from flickr (
These are of the same beach.. will get mine later today.. adios :)