Thursday, October 08, 2009

Deepak to the Rescue :)

I saved a puppy from coming under a truck today. Yaay!! M so happy and proud of myself :)
I am scared of stray dogs and I have memories of being chased by them when I was a kid.
But the moment I did this I had a hundred different thoughts running through my head.
- That puppy was quite dirty. Where am I going to wash my hands?
- What if another truck passes by that road?
- How can people make a huge issue about hit and run cases if humans are involved and be callous in the case of animals!!
- How are we ever going to stop so many strays from roaming the streets and dying in accidents?

These are just some of them. I had a whole hour before I reached office and my adrenalin stopped pumping. Maybe I will find out the answer to some of the thoughts I had in the future.
After all that I realised what I did and I am absolutely over the top happy with myself for doing it :)