Monday, September 04, 2006

What is the Purpose of Life???
When does life begin and when does it end?
i started looking for the answers to these questions when i lost someone really close to me. We mourn for a week, a year.. but then life moves on.
but what about the one who left? where does he go?
Does heaven exist? Given the choice would i go there or wud i cum back to this world which i love so much? there are so many things which i have to see and do.
would love to visit the jungles of Africa and South America. Want to see a Tiger Face to face. Visit Rome and watch Milan play football. Walk on an untouched beach. See the great coral reef in Australia. Enjoy the kebabs of Afghanistan. Fly a Kite.
Dunno how many of them will be possible in a few years time.
But i would leave heaven if i get a chance to do these thing. My Heaven would be rite here with nature and my loved ones.
When do we say life ends?
When the brain stops functioning? The heart stops beating?
I believe Life ends when u dont have anything beautiful in ur life.
Nothing that u have to appreciate, to be thankful for when u wake up in the morning.
So guess i have to start looking for my life. Have to find it, make it mine.

Gawd.. y cant they make a google for this !!!