Monday, September 04, 2006

What is the Purpose of Life???
When does life begin and when does it end?
i started looking for the answers to these questions when i lost someone really close to me. We mourn for a week, a year.. but then life moves on.
but what about the one who left? where does he go?
Does heaven exist? Given the choice would i go there or wud i cum back to this world which i love so much? there are so many things which i have to see and do.
would love to visit the jungles of Africa and South America. Want to see a Tiger Face to face. Visit Rome and watch Milan play football. Walk on an untouched beach. See the great coral reef in Australia. Enjoy the kebabs of Afghanistan. Fly a Kite.
Dunno how many of them will be possible in a few years time.
But i would leave heaven if i get a chance to do these thing. My Heaven would be rite here with nature and my loved ones.
When do we say life ends?
When the brain stops functioning? The heart stops beating?
I believe Life ends when u dont have anything beautiful in ur life.
Nothing that u have to appreciate, to be thankful for when u wake up in the morning.
So guess i have to start looking for my life. Have to find it, make it mine.

Gawd.. y cant they make a google for this !!!


Anonymous said...

This one is da best!

Anonymous said...

This is still the best...:-)..don know y...buh i like it...

Don wanna post any more comments..:-)

Nandita Singh said...

My Heaven would be rite here with nature and my loved ones

This is the only heaven which everyone talks about but no body realized it and I'm happy that you've found it out :)

I believe Life ends when u dont have anything beautiful in ur life
This a very beautiful and inspiring post with full of life and energy ...Do share it with everyone so people can learn from you through this post.

Ranjani Chandramohan said...

Hi Deep,
A very well written blog. It says a lot. What Nandita said is absolutely right. Share this blog with everyone. of all your blogs I loved this one the most. Keep up the good work. Tata

Tarun Chandel said...

Biggest and most basic question of that humans are trying to answer since we have known our existence. I was recently having a discussion with one of my friend on this very issue. I think the development of science, religion, society is all because of our inability to answer this question. People tried to answer this question using various ways, some chose to look inward, other chose to look outward.

We tried to make sense off all the things around using those techniques. Later we called these line with different names and all of them have their followers. Thats a big theory and we will discuss it some day offline.

I relate life to an opportunity, not everyone gets it, neither will I get it again. So if I have got this opportunity I would like to make most of it.

If there is anything beyond this life I would like to experience that and will take that as an opportunity again.

I think life ends when it ends, stopping of heart and brain. Till that time every situation is unique, and make most of the limited time that we have with us.
I believe Life ends when u dont have anything beautiful in ur life.
Nothing that u have to appreciate, to be thankful for when u wake up in the morning.

I think if you don't have anything beautiful then get your eyes tested, if they are not working then get your other sensed tested. Get out see there are thousands of things around which are beautiful, the living human being in itself is such a beautiful creation.

The Google for all these questions is inside you, God has created you so in a way God has already created the Google for all this and sent you preinstalled with it. The indexing is going on continuously and as more and more data will be indexed the results will be better.

DeepakS said...

Hi Tarun!
Thanx for the comments but u fail to see that i mean the same thing.
I know there is so much of beauty around us. i have mentioned some of the thing i want to do before i die in my blog. When we stop appreciating this beauty. good to see that our thoughts match..
Looking forward to the offline talk that we were supposed to have...

Archana said...

A very touching one i must say!! It says a lot about how lot of people feel, but no body really talks about it.. My thoughts have a striking similarity to yours, but I find it very hard to communicate it or share it with others! A topic that scares me!
Very beautifully expressed!!

Enjoy life to the fullest! Respect and love people/living beings when they're with you, for they'll never experience it after they/you're gone.. It's good for them to go with a goodie bag full of LOVE to make use of where ever they go!

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