Sunday, November 05, 2006

Hmmm.... I Resolve??

m posting after a long long time inspite of making a resolution that m gonna write to my self everyday..!!
I dunno why i make such resolutions.. i know i am too lazy to keep up with them..
probably i should make a resolution not to make one.. :)
But why are resolutions so hard to keep?
When something becomes a habit you do it everyday? but when u resolve to make something a habit. u just can stick to it?
I guess you usually think of doin something when that is something you dont like doing..
but nowadays i find myself having to make a resolve to read a book, visit my friends, play something, watch a movie.. things which i really like to do.
I get rather annoyed that m unable to do all these things nowadays.


Nandita Singh said...

probably i should make a resolution not to make one.. :)

you should do this only deep :-P

The main reason why we cant keep our promises is because most of them are inspired from the other people.We think oh! he's doing that,I shud do that too or our society teaches us the right or wrong.If you're taking these resolutions from your inner being then I dont think so that you should not be able to achieve it.
You shud never take these resolutions as a burden because whenever you'll try to discipline yourself,you'll run away from it..
Isleye the best way is to know yourself and by knowing yourself you can decide whats best for you and whats not :) :)

Ranjani Chandramohan said...

I think u should add one more thing in ur resolutions. Please resolve to come and meet me more often. Hahaha. Even though we are in the same office u find it hard to meet me. Not fair at all.
Basically I think we all wish to do a lot of things but unfortunately we are too lazy to find the time to do the same. I think thats y i am unable to keep up with any of the resolutions that I have made. Hee hee