Wednesday, March 04, 2009

When all else fails!!

A report in "The Week" March 1st, 2009 Issue:

The tiger mosquitoes succeeded where the Greyhounds failed. Maoists in the interiors of Andhra Pradesh may have tackled the anti-Naxal squads, but seem helpless against the mosquitoes that spread chikungunya. Maoist leader K. Illaiah, aka Sambasivudu, who recently surrendered, reportedly said some of his comrades and he laid down arms, as they were down with chikungunya. "I have no energy left to fight. So, I have decided to give up the struggle," he said.

So finally mosquitoes prove they are useful after all!! 
Is this a hint of how to tackle the terrorism menace? Gawd knows.. I still hate em.. :P