Monday, November 06, 2006

"Deja Vu"

Hey Whats this..!!! Do i see myself writing a blog..! Fuk i knew this was gonna happen!
Have u ever felt that the life you are living is just a pre-recorded movie that somebody in the heavens just plays. What if u get top see YOUR movie before it is actually played? You may not remember the whole movie but, you will have those bits and pieces of it coming back to you. Which pieces and when is beyond ur control. When u do get a flash in ur mind and u hear urself sayin "Fuck Dude! I knew this was gonnna happen. I swear!!" what you have just experienced right now my friend is a sense of 'Deja vu'.
You go about your usual routine life. you wake up, get ready, take the bus, go to work, back

home in the evening. when all of a sudden you look, hear n feel around you? You can predict the entire conversation that ur friend is carrying out with you. you can predict what hes gonna say and how you are going to react. But how is this possible?At that moment you aretoo perplexed, petrified even to say anything. After you regain composure and you tell ur friend what you felt only for him to snap back at you with a "Yea RITE!! Better start those medications again Punk!!"
I have never been able to explain these phenomenon that keeps happening to me. But when I do find people who have experienced the same things as this a part of me breaks knowing that i I m not the unique person who experiences this.

Hey!!! Havent u read this blog Before. I knew you were gonna read it.. and then welcome the comment that you are about to write.

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Nandita Singh said...

The reason which i feel behind Deja Vu is just a matter of awareness.Normally we think that we're living here but mentally we're always somewhere else,sometimes we're plannin,like a hang out with our friends...we build images in our mind whenever we think of any situation...and then bang,suddenly you become very much aware of your present and its very likely to happen that sometime back you must have thought of this situation too and as it is turning out to be as you'd thought but since it's in your sub-concicous mind,you dont exaclty remember it but as soon as its starts happening and you think woooh,whats happening dude?
You start believing that,it had happen to you earlier also but it had never happen.
Life is something we live,not which is already being played and now we are watching it...