Monday, November 06, 2006

Aaaarrrrgghhh!!!!! How do i do this??
Hmm.. after struggling with the dashboard and settings page of blogger i still m not able to figure out how to make all my posts appear in one page.. I give up!!!
i knew how to handle stuff like this like the back of my hand when i was a kid not too long ago..
nowadays i gotta read the manual to actually understand how to my new digicam works..
the same guy who put together his first video game machine when he was only 10 yrs old is now struggling to learn how his oven works..
is it just me whos not able to keep pace with technology or we live in a world which is just too overwhelming..
lets c .. if anybody out there knows how to make all the posts appear in one page just help me out

1 comment:

Nandita Singh said...


I guess you need to visit an optician and get your eyes checked he he he

Your all posts are appearing in one page :)