Saturday, January 19, 2008

Another year.. Time to make resolutions

So another year dawns upon us. Its been long since i resolved to post stuff regularly here, so i am not going to make a promise that i am gonna break.
This is one year where i want to stick to the resolutions that i make. So i set myself some resolutions which actually are not so much resolutions as they are goals.

1) Learn to play the guitar - Atleast the basic stuff and I am happy to say that i have already started :)

2) Experience snowfall - Now since it aint happening this winter i got a whole 9-10 months to plan this out. This is definitely happening.

3) Talk less and listen more - My one true resolution. Seems to be a popular opinion among my friends. So will try hard not to bother ppl :)

A nice start to the list i guess. Cant wait to experience the satisfaction that i will get when i strike off each of them :)
So wish me luck for this year..

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How is it going?:D