Friday, October 17, 2008

Off to Kerala.. Hopefully..

Booked tickets to attend one of my best friends wedding in Calicut and its still on the waiting list and the journey is supposed to start in another 8 hours.
God if there ever was a time for miracles, u wudnt get a better chance than this... for now :D
Hope the TC can be patofied easily tomm. Or i better start designing my tombstone :(
Please pray that I get the tickets.

Auf wiedersehen :)


Dhaval Shah said...
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Dhaval Shah said...

Yeah yeah yeah, we know u learning German :-) ....!!!!

DeepakS said...

Its Deutsche btw :)
Ha Ha.. couldnt resist

Archana said...

Finally aaya nahi.. hmmm :)

SBK said...

Großer Posten mein Freund. Ihr Schreiben erinnert mich hier an einen deutschen Idioten, der hart an learing Fremdsprachen arbeiten würde, um Küken zu beeindrucken. Wenn Sie Deutsch lernen, lerne ich Italienisch oder Spanisch. Wie erwähnt, in unseren Anrufen früher denke ich wirklich, dass Monica bellucci heißer ist als Heidi Klum folglich die italienische Verbindung.

SBK said...

Btw...i hope what i wrote is German...hehehe

DeepakS said...

dude if that was the case then malayalam would be a foreign language for Monica.. and she should fall right into ur arms when she hears you. :P
And there is not a single comment from you pertaining to the post.. :P