Thursday, October 02, 2008

Sticky Song

I sit with my head in my hands.

How god!! How did this happen!!

I was not even near any chance of it happening, so how the hell did it happen to me.

I am sure at some time or the other you have been plagued with the syndrome called “Sticky Song”. It happens without warning.

There you are minding your everyday business, typing away to coding glory and making colorful excel sheets when suddenly it hits you.

Where did it come from? It’s been so long since u heard it. And it is not even in the charts currently. Hell you don’t even like it to begin with. But there it is now, inflicting you with its miserable company.

It’s a sticky one alright. You try and listen to something else that you like, something that won’t embarrass you if people know you are singing it, coz it has to be some cheap item number. But NO!! If it were that easy I won’t be writing a post about it.

The purpose of the song was to make you think about it at the most inopportune moment. When you are trying to decide if the “for loop” should be greater than or greater-than-equal-to, when you are at a meeting and people ask you for the weekly report. It doesn’t help that the song has lyrics referring to various acts that would have the moral police ready with an ass and a bottle of ink. But the tune is stuck to your head like the bubblegum you class mate put in your hair in 2nd grade. They had to cut your hair to remove it. Maybe you will need a head-en-ectomy to cure yourself of this disease.

So it sits there in your head now. You can’t do anything but pray. Pray if u cud switch lives with the bald 40 year old bachelor next cubicle who probably won’t know this song as he listens to only South Indian “aapu” paatu.

And there it goes. As suddenly as it entered your head, it goes, leaving you shocked. Did you actually like it? Naaah…. You try to put the song back in your head, cautiously. But it doesn’t stay. It falls right off.

It feels like a burden has been lifted from your head. Now life can be normal again.

But its not gonna be easy next time on!! The rate at which bollywood is going the frequency of the attacks are only going to increase.

BEWARE the Sticky song cometh!!


Archana said...

"BEWARE the Sticky song cometh!!"

And guess what!?! My sticky song was with me when i started to read the post! Before the post, all through the afternoon when I was at a pooja! It was annoying me to such an extent that when someone asked me a question there, I put a word of the song in my answer to the lady!! she didn't really get what i said though! PHEW!! But as I'm typing this post, with a few calls in between, some instructions from my mum, I'm wondering where the song went!! :) Funny thing it is! equally annoying!!

DeepakS said...

Ha Ha.. Dont worry. Its not the last time it has happened to you. just think of all the times other people would have put songs while having conversations with you ;)