Thursday, October 08, 2009

Deepak to the Rescue :)

I saved a puppy from coming under a truck today. Yaay!! M so happy and proud of myself :)
I am scared of stray dogs and I have memories of being chased by them when I was a kid.
But the moment I did this I had a hundred different thoughts running through my head.
- That puppy was quite dirty. Where am I going to wash my hands?
- What if another truck passes by that road?
- How can people make a huge issue about hit and run cases if humans are involved and be callous in the case of animals!!
- How are we ever going to stop so many strays from roaming the streets and dying in accidents?

These are just some of them. I had a whole hour before I reached office and my adrenalin stopped pumping. Maybe I will find out the answer to some of the thoughts I had in the future.
After all that I realised what I did and I am absolutely over the top happy with myself for doing it :)


Archana said...

hey.. proud of u boy.. :)thanks for saving the little one.. I'm sure if each one of us start thinking this way, we wont have too many mishaps around..

Dhaval Shah said...

that brought tears to my eyes ..!!!