Monday, November 20, 2006

Wanted: God

I recently went to visit a temple after a long long time. I used to go there everyday about a coupla years bak.
Me and Naveen a very close friend of mine. Not just to pray but also to look at the gud lookin mallu girls who used to come there frequently :) yea God wasnt reason enuf for me to visit the place. In fact i never even thot why i go to temples. u see i am not an aethist. but i am also not the kind of guy who wil blame all things good or bad on God. Then why do we believe in God?? Do we really need to acknowledge the presence of the almighty??
I certainly feel the need to do so. I simply cant accept that the universe is just a mix of Physics and Chemical reactions. That our existence is just a scientific incident taught in some chapter in high school science books. Accepted there is beauty in knowing that as well.
I want to believe that there exists an Almighty who is actually responsible for all of this. This way things seem so much better.
Also this is something which can teach people humility. That we are so minute in the larger being that is the universe.

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