Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Customs.. Bandhan :P

Will start this off with a story :)
Long time ago there was a wedding going on in a village.
There was a cat which was runnning all around the mandap and causing havoc.
So the dulha decided to catch the cat and tie to a pole with a duppata.
Now people saw that and thought it was some kind of tradition.
So every wedding in that village had the dulha catch a cat and tie it to a pole with a duppata.
And that tradition is still followed.

A question lingers in my mind.. since time immeorial..
How was life in the past? not just the recent past, but before the time i was born.
Every era is a different experience.
I am not sure if I would have been the same man that i am right now.
You cannot blame a person for having prejudices of caste, gender and society then can you.
It was somthing thrust upon each and every living being back then. You were taught as a child that these are the things that our forefathers did and we follow them blindly.
Untouchability, Sati and other such shameless acts of disparity were never even thought of as evil. very much accepted as part of day today life.
In fact we were ruled by foreigners for 200 long years due to this very ignorance. (apart from a lot of other reasons)
The very thought that a lot of our customs were cruel and inhuman was brought to light by these outsiders.
So i guess i have to thank the visitors who were driven out of our country (and rightly so) a wee bit for opening up the path we were following and givin us a world to explore.

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